1. Provide a stable and permanent loving home
  2. Must review, become educated and familiar with the breed standard through various media resources to a level that satisfies the Seller (web research, reference books etc)
  3. Have a secure well fenced in yard
  4. Provide proper and secure shelter if the Akita is kept in a run or kennel (this should consist of a clean stable area for footing, a doghouse, covered run (at least 6'xl2') with shade and plenty of water)
  5. Be committed to proper nutrition as recommended by the Breeder/Seller
  6. Agree to follow Breeder/Seller’s guidelines for proper levels of activity and exercise for this Akita puppy - recognizing that damage to the structure of the puppy can result from improper surface footing (ie only tile floors) too much ruff horse play/jumping (injury to knees) and distance running (not until 2 years of age)
  7. Provide proper veterinary care and yearly vaccinations as recommended by Breeder/Seller and Veterinarian
  8. Must be committed to training this Akita in basic obedience classes in order to provide a foundation for good social skills
  9. Provide supplements for prevention of heartworms
  10. Buyer must agree to never chain this Akita
  11. Buyer must agree to never allow this Akita to run free in the neighborhood or countryside where it may cause harm to other animals, livestock or itself -recognizing that the Akita breed standard reflects a tendency for other dog aggression
  12. Buyer must agree to never attack or guard train this Akita as the protective tendencies are inherent in this breed already
  13. Buyer must agree to NEVER sell (or make available) this Akita or any of its progeny to brokers or pet stores, labs, puppy mills or millers or auction houses
  14. Buyer must agree to return this Akita to the Seller should it become necessary to have the Akita placed elsewhere under any circumstances and at Buyer’s expense. Buyer may make recommendations to the Seller for an alternative suitable adoption; but placement of the Akita is at the sole discretion of the Breeder/Seller.