Bifrost's Vixen O'OshoZen
Bifrost's Sweet Jorja Brown X Bronze GCH Bifrost Gust O'Boradaile CHIC
OFA hips Good, Cardiac and Cystinuria clear
Breeders: Stephanie Cottrell, Bill and Pat Betchley
"Vickie" looks a bit dischevelled in the picture to the right but what do you expect from a full time mommie.  She is a very proud girl and a wonderful mother to her puppies.  I am praying that "Vickie's" new home in Florida will enjoy and love her as much as we have and get her into the rings for that AKC championship title she and her gett so richly deserve.  I wish I had more pictures of her other than in the whelping box but she was so happy there.