CH Bifrost's Donner Und Blitzen
Bifrosts Sweet Jorja Brown X Bronze GCH Bifrosts Gust O'Boradaile
CHIC # 68137
Breeders:  Stephanie Cottrell, Bill & Pat Betchley
 I was so proud of Thor when he was born.  He arrived in my hands loud and proud - fitting of his name.   I had always wanted a big male and he was the first born and I was so excited. "There's your boy" Bill said as I grinned ear to ear.  3 more sisters were then born Bliss, Vixen and Holly/Rose - "take your pick Bill there's your girl".  As the babies grew Bill grew to love Thor also and decided he would stay at Bifrost rather than compete with Bifrost from my kennel :o) and so my lovely Bliss came home to OshoZen instead.  Thor is always going to be dear to my heart.  So proud to know he  has completed his AKC championship quest as he has already proved to be a champion producer.  How I wish Bill had lived long enough to see "Thor" to maturity.  With his Sire Ch "Gus's" head piece and his Grand Sire BIS CH "Beren's" tall imposing stature he would have been so proud.

Ch "Thor" is pictured above L&R competing at the 2016 Newfoundland National Championship Show.  So love this hunk of chocolate love! Bottom left he is playing around in the snow at age 9 yrs.