LOVE your Akita?  Check out these sites for Akita related items to wear or for your home....some make great trophies also!!  Also some great sites for equipment and supplies - tables - stilts et al......
K-9 Treasures is a great site for Akita related items...throws/blankets...rugs (custom made)...traditional gifts...and my favorites the DannyQuest statues and  items!!  Many wonderful things to treat yourself or that special someone to.
JPTeez is a wonderful site full of great and unique wearable Akita art.  Some of my favorite jackets and button down shirts are here.  Fabulous true to life Akitas painted or embroidered on your shirts or lettermans jacket many others- ENJOY!
Angela McGraw Artist - Angela's canine portraits are exceptional indeed - check out her site and all the different breed portraits - true to life - "Hondo" (Bushido's  Sire is the model for the adult Akita) ..yes we're proud!  Angela will also do custom portraits.
Care-A-Lot Animal products is a great catelog chalk full of items like: crates, grooming supplies, supplements, books, et al - they are easy to do business with and stand behind their products with great service. This is my source for "Sure Grow" calcium supplement, Body Builder, and Best Buy Crates.
PetEdge - formerly New England Serum my favorite source for the essentials for maintaining a traveling kennel - bowls, buckets, shampoos, collars .... you name it's here and they run great monthly specials on toys especially!! They'll treat you right!
Happy Legs - Stand Stay Stilts Ever wonder how folks get their dogs to stand still for free baiting while showing in conformation?  Check out the "stand stay stilts" that Happy Legs offers.  I have a set and they work!!
Sett-r-rite Grooming Tables:  Ever wonder where those sturdy molded tables with the rich color and textured finishes come from?  Well check them out for yourself here - you can bath and groom with these tables and they'll last. Check their vendor schedule out to see if they will be at a show near you so you can save on shipping charges. Molded and sealed no liquid gets through these tables - also tack boxes.
Sojourner Farms European Style Pet Foods Mix:  a blend of human quality grains, herbs, ground nuts & dried sea vegtables that is to be mixed with raw meat and veggies to create your own pet food.  Over 15 years of success with this blend.  I heavily endorse and use this product for my Akitas and it shows with rich coat texture and color, good attitudes, bright eyes and hardy appetites.  See for yourself - you won't be disappointed.
Nutripet Supplements:  Great source for Nupro vitamin and food supplements for the dog that is showing, recovering from illness, new puppies, or any stress situation that requires that little something extra to help bring your pet around 100%+.   
BillJack Dog Food:  My dogs love this food also - and it is great to add to my raw meat and veggie mixtures as kibble.  Sold now in feedstores and Pets Mart the kibble is some of the best there is.  The frozen meat mixture is FABULOUS! However limited availability - you  bet I get all I can at the shows since it is not yet in San Antonio.  
Misty Robin Designs - This is my arts and crafts site - come and see my dog art and many other items.  Contact me if I can help you with that special dog photo/painting for that special display or ad.