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Alot of great information lies within these links...standard comparisons...pedigree origins from their Japanese roots to current American Foundations..Health Issues, Rescue links, and Club links

The Akita Club of America (ACA) is the National Breed Club for Akita breeders and fancier's.  Their site has loads of information including frequently asked questions regarding the Akita standard,  temperament, history, rescue and health issues; Code of Ethics, national competitions, merchandise and membership -I encourage all dedicated Akita fanciers to not only visit their site but to look into ACA membership.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is another fabulous resource for information on all dog breeds and matters of registration, breeding, health, dog related legislation, shows, picking the right breed for you and your family. 

ARSA - Akita Rescue Society of America is a wonderful site owned by Barbara Bouyet that lists "everything under the sun" with regard to the Akitas' health, origin, breeding, training and of course rescue.

The Lone Star Akita Club of Houston  (LSAC) is a wonderful organization that is active in Akita Rescue and is a great source of fellowship and support for both new Akita owners and the more experienced Akita owner.  Qualified to host their own independent specailties this club is very committed to their Code of Ethics supporting education for the public and buyer beware advertising campaigns against unreputable and "back yard" breeders.  I encourage all Akita owners within the Houston/San Antonio/ Austin areas (or beyond if you choose) to support this club (or your regional Akita Club) with your membership.  LSAC Associate memberships are avialable to fanciers outside the Houston metro area.

Rescue---unfortunately there are far too many Akitas that wind up being turned into shelters by their not so committed families or are found wondering loose or are taken from owners who where negligent with their care.  If you are an experienced large dog lover and would consider opening your heart and home to a displaced Akita  - PLEASE visit the ACA, LSAC and ARSA  sites for information on availabity of Akitas that need YOU. 

Raritan River Akita Club - A terrific site with LOADS of Akita info - strongly recommend surfing thorough this one - great info on breeding - why and why nots!

Madeleine B. Smith has gone to great lengths to put together an informative site listing the pedigrees of the American Akita lines from their Native Japanese origins.  Very interesting information and standard comparisons. Click the "Historial Pedigree link to the left and take a look...

Health info
Akita History & Story of Hachi-Ko Japans National Treasure
FCI Akita Standard
Raritan River Akita Club Library
Passport for Pets - Quarantine Reform Campaign
LSAC 1st Indep. Specialty Show Winners