Sassy X Bushido Litter born 3/15/2000
3 Females and 5 Males

Welcoming our new super stars......
Weighing in at an average of 1.6 lbs each these beautiful babes are thriving well.  3 solids w/ collars, the rest are pintos.
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View the puppy slide show here. They are 14 days old in these pictures - more to come.  Not all babes are photographed individually.
All puppies will be sold with a health guarantee and contract.  All puppies sold as pets will be put on limited registration and require neuter or spaying after Breeders reevaluation at the age of 6 months.  Puppies will be placed only in permanent loving show or companion homes willing to abide by my contract and guidelines as set forth by Breeder and the National Breed Club - (Akita Club of America) and Lone Star Akita Club of Houston's Code of Ethics.  All puppies are raised lovingly in the home. Once you purchase or adopt an OshoZen puppy you have become a new member of this family. Pedigrees and contracts available on request - video available to serious inquiries only please.

New Puppy Family Album & Individual pup pages 2000 litter
Puppy Picture Gallery group shots birth - 5.5 weeks
2000 litter
This page takes a while to load - if you are having trouble or want to see more current photos of the puppies - go to the puppy picture gallery page from the button on the left - ENJOY!

I PEE, POOP, JUMP, DIG, BARK, and BITE.  Assembly (TRAINING) is required.  Batteries (FOOD) not included.  Health care MANDATORY, Yearly Cost: $750 to $3,000.


I prefer to sleep in the bedroom WITH you.  Please provide a minimum of 2 hours a day of PLAY, EXERCISE, SOCIALIZATION, and EDUCATION.  Education must include Emotional, Mental and Physical stimulation.


I will ACCEPT YOU as you are, Unconditionally LOVE YOU, work with you, grow with you and TOGETHER we will form a LIVING, LOVING, BOND for LIFE!

Breeder vs pet store or mill
A repeat of this breeding is expected late March 2001
2001 Repeat Breeding