OshoZen Abrewin The Skys The Limit
"Ch. Pinkie" X "Ch. Nike" litter B
Ch Aldea Color Me Softly x Ch Silkhaven Anything You Say
Whelped 4/12/11, 1 male and 1 female
Pleased with the soundness and type of the first breeding - we repeated this pairing and are very pleased to present "Skylar" and "Vegas"

OshoZen Luck Is A Lady
"Vegas" will remain here at OshoZen Show Dogs while "Skylar" will be co-owned loved and presented by OshoZen Show Dogs  and will reside with his co-owner Helen Richards.of Abrewin Show Dogs in Moody, TX. I am very pleased with these 2 babies.  Click the boxes with their names to go to their individual pages.
"Skylar" is now an AKC and UKC Champion and well on his way to AKC Grand Champion - he is presented now soley by his owner Helen Richards - I am so proud of this team and wish them many fond memories and future success.

"Vegas" has not started her show career yet as older sister "Lily" is ahead in line for her titles.  "Vegas" has "other" plans for now - see her page for details.