Ch Nike X Pinkie Litter A
Whelped 16 June 2010
Carefully crafted for typey, sound bodies and adorable loving companions and show prospects.
"Lily's" Page
"Beau's" Page
1 girl and 2 boys - L to R:
"Lily Rose", "Senge", "Beau"
Lily and Beau are staying at OshoZen Show Dogs while Senge is the center of attention  for the Moorehouse Family.

Right - Lily and Beau running a muck in the yards.
"Lily" and Beau have both started their AKC championship journeys.  Beau is almost there needing only 3 more points to finish.  See their show pics and highlights on their individual pages on the left button bar.
"Lily"                  "Senge"                    "Beau"