OshoZen Newfoundlands
While Newfs come in many colors - Black, Brown, Landseer (black and white) and Grey - My Newfs at this time are Browns.  While I do not breed Newfoundlands often I am the co-breeder of several Newfoundlands bred with Bifrost Newfoundlands and do present them in the AKC and International confirmation show rings. We are saddened over the recent passing of  William "Bill" Betchley Nov 26th 2012  - and the dessimation of his exhibition plans for the current Bifrost kids - The Newf world lost a great advocate, mentor and knowledgeable fancier.
Simply Delicious - Simply Irresistable
"Jorja" was my heart Newf and foundation - visit her getts pages listed on the left.  I so pray to see Bill's wishes and my own come to pass that each of these promising pups will attain their AKC championships proving that they can shine in the ring as well as they have for Bifrost in the whelping box. I am very proud of  Bronze GCH "Solo's" accomplishments - "Jorja" gave everything to make his pressence possible - 'lest it not be in vain I miss her dearly.