LHASA's In The Winners Circle
In addition to those already featured on the previous Handling pages - here is the latest super star from Odie Lhasas - Handled Exclusively by Stephanie ,,,,,, heeeerrrreees SOPHIE!
Pics taken at the Monroe KC show - Sep 08 just before hurricane Gustav - baby didn't miss a beat. WB/BOW/BOB and then Best puppy everyday! Thank you Dr. Reeve-Newsom. Thank you Jeannie Clarey for the pics!
Her first Major and her first show! What a debut!  River City Cluster 08 show - WB/BOW/BOS - judge almost gave her the breed - he was thrilled with her correct bite and eyes, when she took off moving - it was all over. Thank you!
Here she is earning Reserve Winners Bitch at the Houston Lhasa Club Specialty show as well as Best Puppy in Specialty Show!! Thank you Judge Mr. Eugene Blake!
Sophie has added another WB/BOW/BOS to her credit at the Humble KC Show - Thank you Judge Ms. Mildred Bryant!  She loved her!
Just 9.5 mths old (above) Sophie is Rock N the House!
NEW CHAMPION!  Sophie finishes in style with WB major then BOW and BOB over specials for a bigger major and big finish!  Thank you judge Donna Buxton. Another quality Lhasa from Odie Lhasas - THANK YOU Sandy Fluhart for this opportunity.  Sophie will be out in 2009 for limited specialling as she is just now 1 year old.
Next Odie girl to come and finish in style is Odie's She's a Keeper "Keeper" or "keke" as I lovingly call her. Here are her pictures on the way to her AKC Championship in near record time.
Thank You Judges Vincent Grosso (left) and Michael Hall
(right) for these wonderful Major wins!
Thank you Judges William Cunningham and Aileen Gomez for these wonderful wins and first BOB over a special.  Thank you Judge Lester Mapes for this glorious finishing WB/BOW/BOB win.