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Many sites are out there regarding health issues relavant to the Akita and other breeds as well.  I have listed a few here for your convenience:

The Dog Emergency First Aid link provides tons of information on Canine first aid, T- Touch, Hypothyroidism just to name a few - surf through its many different links - I am sure you will find something of interest to you there.

The Canine Eye Cerf site hosts losts of information as well as explaining the importance of breed stock being "Cerf'd" clear of eye deformities and disease.  You can also check Cerf#'s here.

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals site will explain the importance of breed stock being x-rayed and cleared for hip and/or elbow displatia or knee deformities.

Canine Bloat  = Gastric Dilation-Volvulous = very serious- life threatening concern for large breed dogs - this "Bloat" site has excellent emergency advice for dealing with bloat - however I do not advise handling such a serious situation as bloat with this information alone - seek immediate veterinary support and treatment in any bloat case. Downloadable Bloat First Aid Book - from Great Dane Site - Siefried Zahn D.V.M.

ACA Health Resource Link is a direct link to the ACA web page on health issues regarding Sebaceous Adenitis (SA), Pemphigus, PRA, VKH, Bloat and many others.

Senior Dog Health Resource Page is full of interesting sites and information on all breeds of  aging dogs.  Take a trip though its' many different links and sites.

Before you assume it's PARVO - check out the links to the left regarding "SHOW CRUD - Bacterial Overgrowth" .  The first is a link with information based on original discoveries and my own experience the second is also based on original discovery and Sam Anderson's personal experience as published in national Basenji magazines - methods tried and true life savers..
Dog Emergency First Aid
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Akita Temperament
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Canine Eye Certification
Canine Bloat links &
First Aid Book for Bloat
ACA Health Resource link
Senior Dog Health Resource Page
Cerf Brochure information
Not to be confused or
treated like Parvo - IMPORTANT

VKH Information

Pemphigus Information

Canine Health
Facts vs Myths on

Natural feeding
B.A.R.F. Diet
Dog Food Chart
What's in commercial dog foods
SA Success Story
and Treatment Diary
Not a Campylobacter Infection -
K9gangs site definition

Akita Temperament
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