Int'l Champion OshoZen's Starsinger Taishou
Ch Shiner X CH Bushido
10/01/03 - 04/12/11
AKC Championship pointed

Boss is pictured left as a 6 week old puppy and below at 8 weeks.
"Boss" is pictured as a babe with his best friends , Mom Dr. Kimberlyn Montford and Dad Leo Hill and house mate Jessie; and up top with Daddy dog  Ch Bushido.  Showing off with me in the other shots he proves he's got what it takes and below the win pic to prove it :o) (6 months old)
(below) This is "Boss" after winning his International Championship with 4-V1 certificates as well as a Bred By Exhibitor Group 2 an Group 3.  All seriously out of coat. We are very proud of him and can't wait for his mature fall coat to arrive. He is 20 mths old, 28.5" tall and 112 lbs as of these pictures. We couldn't wait for the formal photos - we just had to show off his "bling bling". We finaly got his formal photos - he doesn't like the platform anymore than he likes wearing a winter coat in the summer heat :o) (above right)
Boss came to visit over the Christmas holiday while his mom and dad went North to visit family.  I took these in the backyard and could not be prouder of how this lovely dog has matured - we are thinking of bringing him back out to finish his AKC championship now that he has stopped growing and has filled out his 29.5" frame with ~127 lbs of pure sweetness.  All pics below taken Dec 2008 at the age of 5 yrs 2 mths.
Sadly "Boss" crossed over the rainbow bridge 4-12-11 while doctors were trying to figure out how to help him - he decided to pass on his own and join his friend Jesse, is daddy dog Ch Bushido and now his mother Ch Shiner all play together at the bridge and await the day we all are reunited.  HUGE thank you to Dr. Montford and Leo Hill for giving Boss such a wonderful family life - I know your hearts are heavy but remember he isn't really that far away.