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All of the kennels referenced at the left of this page are stars in my book.  Committed to breeding for the betterment of their Breeds as a whole; abiding by the  National Parent Breed Clubs Code of Ethics in all matters; and a genuine committment to careful placement of all their offspring.  If I do not have what you are looking for in a puppy or adult - these are the people I would be referring you to.  While these folks don't represent the entire  community committed to my same high standards they are the ones I have the most personal experience with.  Several of their sites host excellent  experienced advice and resources as well.  Check them out.

The Japanese Akita Club Site (JACA) is very informative with regards to the issue at hand of splitting the breed here in North America like it has been done in FCI countries.  There are some lovely photos of the "Japanese type" akitas there.

The American Akita Preservation League (AAPL) site is equally informative  with much information about the split issue and many pictures to highlight the difference between the imported Japanese Akitas  and the American type Akita that is predominate in the United States today.

Also at the left is a link for my love of the  Newfoundland. As the breeder and co-breeder of my beloved "Jorja" Bifrost's Sweet Jorja Brown , her get - daughter "Bliss" OshoZen's How Sweet She Is. Her champion producing kids : son Bronze Grand Champion Ch Bifrost's Solo Uno "Solo", son Bifrost's Dunder and Blitzen "Thor" , and daughter Bifrost Vixen O' OshoZen "Vickie" I am very proud to showcase the page for  the Newfoundland Club of America for info on the breed and it's standard.
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